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Crude oil is transported from the producing wells to the oil refineries by pipeline or tanker. Propane and butane are products of crude oil refining. LPG is transported to storage and distribution by large LPG carriers. LPG exists as either a gas (vapour) or as a liquid, when it is under a modest amount of pressure in tanks and larger LPG storage vessels. Given that gaseous LPG has a volume 270x that of liquid LPG, it is almost always transported in its more compact liquid state. LPG (propane) can be transported in tanker trucks, intermodal tanks, cylinder trucks and local gas reticulation systems.

LPG is transported in bulk tanks or LPG gas cylinders. The transported LPG can be butadine,propane, butane or a mixture of the two. LPG gas transportation starts with the separation of the LPG from raw natural gas or crude oil. The LPG is further segregated and then marketed as either propane, butane or an LPG gas mixture of the constituents. LPG is used in many applications with the most common being home heating, cooking and hot water. LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas – is a common alternative fuel for vehicles, replacing petrol or diesel. LPG for transport is also called Autogas and is either propane or a propane-butane mix. LPG transport and storage is done with LPG gas cylinders or larger vessels. Transporting gas cylinders is done by truck or LPG transport in bulk is done with tankers.


LPG Tankers

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